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Multiple local websites in ubuntu LAMP

Just got a way to create multiple local websites in ubuntu which has LAMP installed. This information will be helpful when many computers connected with ubuntu server in LAN network(may be office or home local network). Generally we had to disable default site to enable new site as per the documentation given by ubuntu community, […]

Round cornered TextInput – Spark SDK

Just ran into this problem to create a rounded corner textbox for my flex application Flex 4 Spark SDK. I found there is no option for cornerRadius, i tried many ways to achieve that, finally i just created a custom skin based on the default TextInputSkin and applied that skin to the TextInput skinClass. Here’s […]

How to create transparent application background – Spark SDK

We have to agree that some drawbacks in spark SDK. Here the problem is, I cannot set the alpha for the main application. So to create a Flex web application with transparent background, follow the below. Create a MXML component and name it as TransparentApplicationSkin and paste the following code into that. This code is […]

Hyperlink Control in Flex

One of my friends had been asking me about how to change the style of the LinkButton like an HTML hyperlink, since people like to display the link as like as HTML. So I developed a simple Hyperlink control in Flex that has the same look and feel as an HTML anchor tag. You just […]

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