Ah! IE 9 supports corner radius!

Hi guys, a good news from Internet Explorer 9. Yeah, IE9 will support the corner radius. I just have a chance to go through this site http://ie.microsoft.com/testdrive/ and noticed that there is an update for corner radius. I just installed the Preview version of IE 9 and started testing on the corner radius by jQuery. It works, Great!

This is obviously a great pleasure for HTML developers and web page designers, and this will save our time and reduce lot of development works.

To check, please open this url in the IE Platform Preview if you installed.

Note: IE9 not yet released.

IE 9 supports corner radius

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27 Responses to “Ah! IE 9 supports corner radius!”

  1. KBala says:

    yeah, but i am not sure, why IE is not considering this issue earlier. They have to be fixed this issue at-least on IE7.

    • Peter says:

      No, they first made sure that CSS2.0 was correct, and also focused on Javascript performance.
      It’s good to focus on the basics before going experimental. (CSS3.0 is still not ready)
      IE8 is a giant leap forward from IE6. They did a good job.

      • DMC says:

        CSS2 was finalized in May 1998 LOLOL
        But yeah, *that’s* the reason why IE continued to render it incorrectly a decade later – they wanted to make sure it was *correct*.

        Come on. A little less blind loyalty to MS, a little more honesty.

      • KBala says:

        Its something hard to accept peter’s reasons. See… thing is MS is not a small concern, they are one of the big software giant. The competitor FireFox has implemented the corner radius support few years ago, then IE should do that.

        I agree that IE8 is a giant leap forward from IE6 and they did a good job without silly corner radius support, LOL

  2. ie_sick says:

    Why doesn’t Microsoft stop with their arrogant IE?

    It took 9 versions for them to get a bit web-standards compliant…

    So much time and money wasted worldwide because Microsoft always want to do stuff arrogantly their own way…
    What, are they french ???

  3. vince says:

    As a french, I would say that, with Microsoft, we have found our master in supreme arrogance. And we know a lot on the subject, for centuries.
    … hum, and what about Apple ? Seems that they are know willing to join the fray.

  4. Chuck E Conqueso says:

    What is this ‘internet explorer’ everyone keeps talking about.



  5. Yeah says:

    Man. I fuckin fuckin fuckin fuckin fuckin fuckin HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE IE HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE It!!


  6. Ryan says:

    Wow – that saves alot of time for such a simple effect….

  7. CSharp says:

    IE has 90%+ market share of all browsers in the world, yet the other browsers and the people who set the standards (MS haters) dictate what the CSS standards. It’s no wonder all the browsers are so fucked up. No one has a 100% CSS compliant browser. So, stop your fuckin’ griping about IE. If everyone just developed their web apps for the IE browser to support the masses, there wouldn’t be this problem of browser compatibility issue. Really!

  8. ChazMan says:

    You are an idiot if you believe IE is the master – they purposefully throw rocks in the road – it has always been that way. Open source, competition and the brain drain from MS has forced them to play nicer.

    We have been a MS shop for years, but the pushing of intentionally standards-averse technologies is part of their culture. Just roll with it and stop complaining – at least they are being forced to come around (like IBM in the 90’s) .

    btw – what stats show IE at 90%?? – fool 😛

  9. Scott A Tovey says:

    There’s really no need to complain about IE’s lack of compatibility.

    The best solution is to design to W3C standards, then put a script on the site that tests for non compliant browsers.

    When a non compliant browser is detected, reveal a message at the top of the site that tells the user that their browser does not comply to official web standards and provide a list of browsers that do.

    If Microsoft wants IE to be included in that list, then they will have to develop to the standards.

    If web developers stopped coming up with hacks to work around IE’s Resistance to web standards, Microsoft will be more motivated to comply with those standards.

    Why should we waste our time and money just to make a non compliant browsers look good?

  10. RC says:

    Why we so need round corner..?
    coz there’s no angle corner at human body LOL

  11. Jasper says:

    Just checked your demo and it does not seem to work in my brand spanking new Internet Explorer 9. View does not look like the screenshot you took. I did turn off compatibility view and it does run as IE9. Don’t know what I am missing here..

  12. fragment says:

    Oh!! It’s saint eggs!

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  14. sam says:

    But ie 9 run on vista or windows 7 its not competible with XP and this is the lack of ie9

  15. Very thoughtful post you have there. I hope that one day I can obtain almost as much knowledge as you have. Thank You.

  16. Aliarth says:

    Damn, i need on IE 8.
    IE 9 not working on Winows XP. 🙁
    Bicouse Windows XP best anr i never use Windows 7 or 8 with big RAM’s using who just making LAG. 🙂

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