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Nowadays, Google Docs is one of the biggest Cloud Storage where people stores their data and access them over online at anytime. Here I had a chance to create a loan repayment scheduler(same like Microsoft Excel Amortization Table) in Google Spreadsheet and published it as a template, so anyone can access/use this template and make their repayment schedule as easy as possible.

How to use this template

  • Go to Google Docs, and create new spreadsheet by choosing “From template...” option.
  • Type “personal loan amortisation table” in the search box and click "Search Templates" button.
  • Choose the template named as “Personal Loan Amortization Table” and click “Use this template” button.

Now, you can see the template and save it with a name. Now you have to give valid loan details to produce the repayment schedules. You need to give the following details.

Loan Amount - the actual loan amount you applied, for example 500000.00
Annual Interest Rate - for example 18.10%
Loan Period in Years - for example 5
Number of Payments in Years - usually 12
Start Date of Loan - for example 1/1/2010, after this entry please wait for few seconds, and you can see the loan summary and repayment schedules there.

The standard personal loan calculation formula is used in this template, and this template can be used only for making Personal Loan repayment schedules and not suitable for other type of loans.

Personal Loan Amortization Table

The limitation is, you can calculate the loan up to 290 EMIs only. Please contact me if you want me to customize the template to fulfill your needs.

Feel free to post your queries and rate this template if you like:)

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